Meet Team Shift Happens

Team Shift Happens was founded by Fabio Souza and Kesley Tweed. We partner with coaches and well-being specialists throughout the world to share the Shift Happens million globally.

Fabio Souza

Personal Trainer and Life Coach
Shift Happens Co-Founder

Fabio Souza overcame all odds to making the move from Brazil to the U.S. as a young man. Now, he’s helping others ignite their inner fire to move toward greater health, fulfillment and success. Fabio Souza is a Certified Mental Toughness Coach with 10+ years experience as a personal trainer. He is the founder of Impact Ur Life Coaching and has helped hundreds of clients achieve their health, fitness and personal goals. Fabio is also a Reiki practitioner, entrepreneur, proud father of two and a Tony Robbins Mastery University graduate and volunteer. He’s trained in Neuro-linguistic programming

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Kesley Tweed

Reiki Master and Life Coach
Shift Happens Co-Founder

Kesley Tweed is passionate about helping others leverage their unique strengths to create the life of their dreams. In 2017, reached a point of burnout and decided to leave her full-time corporate job to travel the globe to learn all she could about fitness, nutrition, personal development and meditation. Now, she’s helped hundreds of clients though her coaching practice, Iron Gypsy Coaching. She is certified in Precision Nutrition and the Poliquin International Certification Program – Level I and II (fitness coaching program). Kesley is a Reiki Master, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach certification, a graduate of the Tony Robbins Leadership Academy, and holds a Master of Business Administration.  

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