Your Well-Being is Our Mission

Team Shift Happens is on a mission to transform organizations and empower individuals to create greater health, a strong mindset and a life free of stress. Shift Happens specializes in helping our clients access the vast amount of energy within them and apply it to have more meaningful lives and greater impact in their careers, relationships and community. 

Topics include:

  • Increasing your energy by moving your body
  • The “no diet” approach to nutrition
  • Developing a prosperous mindset
  • Setting meaningful goals
  • Simple strategies for reducing stress
  • Aligning your energy through meditation

Shift Happens Events and Accomplishments

  • Shift Happens Experience – Brazil
  • Shift Happens Experience –  Miami
  • Shift Happens Experience – Atlanta
  • Special Guests, Maraki Retreat (Vermont)
  • Shift Happens Online Community
  • Finalist in corporate Shark Tank competition

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